S Meister Mo 23.11.2020 - 13:41

Please excuse the English, although I know for most readers this is kein problem...
Why has it become acceptable for such high positive test returns, and approximately 5000 cases per day with many deaths. Yes the weekend shows a downward trend but the numbers don't lie. Will the next 4 days show that it's based in fact? The truth is that testing does not show your actual daily numbers. An undeniable local statistic is despite 5 people dying over the weekend, hospitalisation still jumped to 22. Expect more of both.

In practice the government portraying an image of coping leads the people to believe the current situation is sustainable. Is the current output of healthcare workers sustainable though? They are only human. Are families going to cope being forced to send their children to school everyday, wondering when they are going to get the phone call "Sorry, but your family needs to quarantine now because a classmate was infectious"? How can retail workers cope wondering if the next person who wears a poorly fitted mask will permanently damage their health and well-being?

The decision to protect the economy relies on a lot of sacrifice of regular people. The saddest part is that the Cantons of Switzerland have forgotten that people are the economy. By normalising infections and death, you have given up your humanity. Stop pretending things are going well, and start making tough decisions that will actually help everyone who is forced to participate in the economy through no fault of their own.

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